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Physiotherapy is a regulated professional health care discipline specializing in physical function, movement, and mobility. Physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of how the body moves, the injury and healing process, and have the ability to distinguish what is normal from abnormal in posture, balance and movement. Physiotherapists know how to restore, maximize and maintain optimal physical function, movement, flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance. Physiotherapists can teach you how to avoid future injury and stay healthy.

A physiotherapist is a university graduate of an accredited physiotherapy program, and must be registered with the regulatory board or College of Physiotherapists in their province. At Cove Sport Therapy, our physiotherapists are members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

At Cove Sport Therapy your Physiotherapist will provide one on one, skilled hands on assessment, treatment, and education helping you to achieve your goals.
Your physiotherapist has a wide variety of treatment tools to choose from including but not limited to; education, manual mobilization, manipulation, stretching, massage, soft tissue release, acupuncture, electrotherapeutic modalities (ie ultrasound, electric muscle stim), neuromuscular education, and exercise prescription.

What Can a Physiotherapist Treat?

When an accident or illness affects your body, your physiotherapist, a university-trained medical professional can restore mobility. Physiotherapists treat the whole body.  With ongoing clinical research, physiotherapists continue to develop techniques to prevent and treat physical injury and dysfunction. 

See your physiotherapist for treatment and/or prevention of the following or anything else that may be effecting your mobility:

  • Sprains, strains, ligament tears, and other musculoskeletal injuries
  • Neck, and Back pain or injury
  • Pain or mobility issues related to pregnancy (or post partum)
  • Overuse injuries due to sports, hobbies, home activities, or work
  • Arthritis- Yes! There is lots we can do!

At Cove Sport Therapy your Physiotherapist can also use Sport Specific functional screening to prevent injury and enhance sport performance.
Book a functional screen today!

Cove Sport Therapy Physiotherapists can also treat animals

First visit— what to expect

The hands-on care physiotherapists provide varies from person to person with a focus on the individual needs and personal health and lifestyle goals of the client. Your physiotherapist will begin treatment with an extensive assessment (approx 45-60 minutes) that may include:

Health History: Discussion with client regarding current injury, past injuries, activities, and function ,review of medical history and relevant records, x-rays, and lab tests, etc.

Clinical Assessment: Evaluation of body functions, strength and weakness testing, and observed or instrumented analysis of gait, posture, balance, joint range of motion, and functional movement

Diagnosis: Based on the findings of the Health History, and Clinical Assessment your physiotherapist will develop a list of problem areas. Your physiotherapist will educate you on the nature of your injury and prognosis.

Treatment Plan: By combining the principles of evidence-informed practice, evaluative skills, clinical and professional judgment, your physiotherapist will work closely with you, and often with other health care professionals, to ensure that your health goals are met.

Your physiotherapist will educate you on the nature of your problems and help to determine treatment approaches that will work for you. Working together, you and your Physiotherapist will develop an individualized treatment plan. Your physiotherapist will help to determine how best to restore proper movement, reduce pain, and enhance function.

A physician’s referral is NOT required to see a physiotherapist.

Payment for Physiotherapy Services: Payment may be made by Cash, check, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, Email transfer. Most extended health care plans cover Physiotherapy Services. Check with your insurance provider to see whether you require a physician’s referral to claim reimbursement.

Clinic Info

Clinic Hours:

Mon-Friday: 7 am - 7 pm
Saturday/ Sunday: closed
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